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ICP DAS Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)

ICP DAS Co., Ltd. is one of leading Taiwan companies-manufacturers of original equipment in the field of means of computer data input/output

IEI Technology Inc. (Taiwan)

IEI Technology Inc. company specialises on manufacture and supply of industrial computers and all types of system components

L-Card Ltd. (Russia)

“Л-КАРД”, Ltd. specialises on designing and manufacture of electronic equipment of industrial automation, manufacture of cards, modules and blocks

ICOP Technology Inc. (Taiwan)

ICOP Technology Inc. company functions as the global centre on marketing and sales of built-in computer products concerning processor family of х86 class

MEAN Well Enterprise Co. (Taiwan)

MEAN Well Enterprise Co. company is one of the largest manufacturers in the field of modular power supply units made at the plants in Chinese People's Republic and Taiwan

National Instruments (USA)

National Instruments is the world leader in the field of computer measurements, produces almost all types of cards for data input and signals of sensors in personal computers, software for engineering and scientific applications

Diamond Systems (USA)

Diamond Systems is one of grandees and founders of concern of manufacturers of production on PC/104 platform, produces unique micro-PC in PC/104 standard, not having any analogues in this class all over the world

Dataforth Corporation (USA)

Dataforth Corporation is the doubtless world leader in the field of signals normalisation of industrial sensors with the galvanic isolation producing wide spectrum of such production in various designs

Weintek (Taiwan)

Weintek Labs is the largest manufacturer of HMI operator panels for various applications from industrial to medical sector

Danube Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)

DANUBE company occupies leading position at the market of equipment for heavy industry and factories-laundries

HMS Industrial Networks AB (Sweden)

НМS is one of leaders in the field of industrial communications, produces versatile means of network exchange, integrated by AnyBus technology

Taiwan Commate Computer Inc. (Taiwan)

COMMELL is a department of industrial computers of Taiwan Commate company which specialises on production of industrial applied computer systems

Silicon Power Computer & Communications Inc. (Taiwan)

Silicon Power company is one of world leaders in the market of flash cards, USB flash storages, DRAM, MP3 players and devices for reading of flash cards

InnoDisk® Corp. (Taiwan)

InnoDisk company is engaged in development, manufacture and sale of flash storages for built-in systems

Lilliput Electronics (China)

Lilliput Electronics Co., Ltd, founded in 1993, is a leading enterprise of the applied computer industry

NEWLM (China)

Компания Shenzhen NEWLM Technology – производитель и экспортер изделий автоэлектроники
для всех видов автомобилей: LCD мониторы, DVD системы, GPS навигаторы, мониторы и камеры заднего вида

OWON (China)

OWON company is a manufacturer of budgetary, small-sized oscillographs with LCD display and colour matrix for domestic experts: technicians, engineers, researchers and even students

Micro Technic A-S (Denmark)

Micro Technic A-S is a manufacturer of high-quality input-output cards in PC/104 standard such as ADC, cards of serial interfaces and cards with power supply units

SwitchLab (Taiwan)

DECA company is one of the largest manufacturers of various sockets and connectors which are widely applied in various industrial electronic systems

WINSTAR Display Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)

Winstar Display Co., Ltd. is one of the largest world developers and manufacturers of high-quality symbolical and graphic LCD indicators

ICS Triplex ISaGRAF (Canada)

ICS Triplex company has long-term experience in designing, production and maintenance service of failure-safe systems worldwide

Shenzhen Beyond Tech Co., Ltd (China)

Shenzhen Beyond Tech Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of highly technological industrial products and video observation devices

Микролог (Ukraine)

Микролог company is engaged in development and manufacture of complexes of means of automation management, control and regulation for various branches of industrial production

Astron (Taiwan)

Astron company is one of the largest manufacturers of various sockets and connectors in the world

TAIE (Taiwan)

Taiwan Instrument & Control Co., Ltd. is the world leader in development of independent controllers for various technological processes such as temperature, pressure, the flow rate, humidity, PH-parametres, etc.


United Electronic Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of data acquisition systems for severe conditions of operation

Мера (Russia)

МЕРА research-and-production enterprise develops, produces and carries out complex supply of multichannel measuring devices and systems with sensors of various types

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